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General Info
01-04-2012, 11:36 PM
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General Info
Good Day

I know there is not much info on the Intelligence Lab at present but i believe this will be updated soon.

Until then, can anyone recommend some general information on the Neural Network Concept so we have a better understanding when it comes time to do major development.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards

Donovan Boddy
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01-05-2012, 04:26 AM
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RE: General Info
Since the first time I found mitov, I am very interested to understand it more because it is quite simple and practical to apply, so I think mitov is the solution of the program, I had been looking for. And for the development mitov so much better and be in accordance with the development and market demand. I have some points and I hope I can help mitov towards a better development.

- For the intelligent lab, the sample is still small, especially programs that discuss the voice processing application problems, such as the field that I work with on the development of voice-based control systems, I think it's very important to add, given at a time when the future relationship between machine interaction with humans has been no longer rely on conventional means such as typing using a keyboard, touch screen and the other, to control a system, it will already be outdated as it is still used in most systems today. And it is precisely the system that will evolve in the future is a simple system that offers convenience for the user to control it, such as controlling the use of voice identification.

- For the example program in particular is still a lot to discuss intelligent lab-based data processing and image data matrix. Advice me how if added example programs that analyze the problem of interfacing sound, such as voice recognition application or the other, although only in the form of the basic program, I think it is very helpful for further program development. I hope this feedback can build better mitov again and became a pioneer of programming solutions to problems that had been so feared by most people.

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12-18-2016, 11:52 AM
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General Info
since this topic often arises - here is some general tach wiring info:

Most tachs are real easy to install. Several varieties from the ones that mount on your hood, to those that mount on your steering column or dashboard etc.

Generally there are 4 wires coming from it, white, black, red and green.

Just hook them up like this:

Black to ground.
Red to power source for tach.
White to power source for light in tach.
Green to tach. neg. side.

That ought to do it.
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