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setting custome value to segmentclock
10-28-2014, 07:27 PM
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setting custome value to segmentclock
Dear sir,

I am using InstrumnetLab V4.5
I am referring demo source code with visual studio 6 with MFC
I want to used this segmented clock with my custom value.
Basically wanted to create a up/down counter and not the clock.

This is my code snipets.

Clock1.Open( m_Clock1.m_hWnd );

Clock1.Segments.CenterColor = 0xFF00FFFF;
Clock1.Segments.Color = 0xFF4040FF;
//Clock1.Sections.Hours.Mode24Hours = false;
//Clock1.Sections.AmPm.Visible = true;
Clock1.Sections.Minutes.Separator.Points.Add( 2 );
Clock1.Sections.Seconds.Separator.Points.Add( 2 );

Now the “Value” is a double data type.
If I wanna set 14:32:50 what value I supposed to set and how to calculate it.

Thanking you,
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10-29-2014, 02:33 AM
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RE: setting custome value to segmentclock

In C++Builder there's a function that does that job for you:

System::TDateTime __fastcall EncodeTime(Word Hour,Word Min,Word Sec,Word MSec);

Don't know about VC, perhaps it has something similar function. If it uses the same format as the TDateTime datatype in Builder then the integral part is the date (not used here of course) and the fractional part the time.
Perhaps that helps somewhat, as an alternative you could perhaps use a SegmentText and display whatever string you want to be displayed.

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12-03-2016, 07:59 PM
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